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Developing a Playbook for Your FEC: Business Tips by PCS

In the following Business Tips series video, we share some of our tips on how you can build a playbook for your FEC!

Want to know why building a playbook is so important and why you should develop a unique playbook for your family entertainment center?

In the following "Business Tips by PCS" series video, we share some tips on why and how developing a playbook can help you grow your business!

Developing a Playbook for Your FEC: Business Tips by PCS

Check out our video below!

Our Business Tips series is all about sharing practical ideas and actions you can take to grow your business.


Here are some of the insights we share in this video:

  1. A playbook is a collection of best practices, processes, & procedures related to how you run your business.
  2. A playbook allows your team to contribute valuable information, manage & measure what works for your business, and improve processes.
  3. Before you start building, be sure to perform an audit of documentation you already have.
  4. Next, decide where you'd like to store your playbook (this should be in an easily accessible place for your whole team to visit and make changes or updates.).
  5. Then, consider how you'd like to organize your playbook. For more information, check out our Building a Playbook eBook!

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