5 Great FEC Websites Everyone Should Check Out

In this article, we highlight our top five favorite FEC websites and the elements we love about them.

What are some of your favorite FEC websites? Do you take note of what they're doing and try to incorporate some of those creative ideas into your own facility website?

Whether you already have an incredible website or are just getting started, we can all benefit from some inspiration. 

That's why today we're highlighting our five favorite FEC websites and the elements we love about them.

5 Great FEC Websites Everyone Should Check Out

What makes a great FEC website? Well, it's a combination of great branding, great user experience and effective calls to action. 

Here's a list of five we're inspired by:

1. Kidtropolis

Kidtropolis is an interactive Pretend City model and indoor playground located in Richmond BC, Canada. 

Their homepage is a great example of how FECs should communicate their current re-opening status, capacity restrictions, and other COVID-19 protocols. Right off the bat, there is a dark header at the top of the page that announces their status and provides a link to their provincial health guidelines. 

Kidtropolis Website

Below, there is a changing banner that brings the customers attention to their re-opening, mask requirements, limited capacity and pre-booked time slot options, spring break kids camp, and loyalty card.

Why is this important? Well, without having to search for anything, the customer already gets their most pressing questions answered within the first few minutes on their homepage! 

The very top of the page also includes effective calls to action, like "Sign a Waiver" or "Book Online."

As you go continue to go through the Kidtropolis website, one can't help but notice that the experience is seamless, everything is up-to-date, and the photos are wonderful. There's even a detailed section about the benefits of Pretend Play. 

2. Arlington Skatium

Arlington Skatium is the "largest skate facility in Texas," as the banner on their homepage tells us. 

This FEC's homepage first brings your attention to an awesome video of their facility with a call to action right in the middle of the page, "See Schedule", that inspires you to book a visit ASAP!

Arlington Skate WebsiteAs you continue to explore, you're met with package options, upcoming events, and other great information, such as the "Healthy Benefits" of skating.

3. Urban Air Trampoline Park

Urban Air Trampoline Park is a multi-attraction, multi-location indoor adventure park. 

At the very top of their page, you can easily change locations and learn more about each unique park. There is also a tab that points to "Park Info & Safety", which is incredibly important for customers. 

Urban Air Website

We love Urban Air's awesome pictures and videos. They make a huge impression and immediately inspire you to plan a visit.

On the very bottom of the homepage, there's a huge call to action for their newsletter. It's incredibly important for FECs to collect information, stay in touch with visitors, and send announcements or promos via email. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

4. Austin's Park n' Pizza

Austin's is an indoor and outdoor multi-attraction facility located in Pflugerville, Texas. 

Similarly to other facilities mentioned above, Austin's has a banner at the very top of their homepage that highlights their current safety precautions and below that, you immediately notice the awesome video of their facility. 

We were impressed by the section with icons highlighting each and every attraction at their facility. Each icon led to a page about the specific attraction. Below that, there's more information (with great pictures) about their restaurant and birthday club. 

Austins Website 1Going back to the top of the homepage, I loved the tabs, "Play", "Eat", and "Party". They're straight-forward, intuitive and fun. And let's not forget their blog!

Blogging will increase your website traffic and ranking on Google. Austin's blog uses keywords masterfully, with posts like "Arcades in Austin", "Happy Hour Near Me", "Entertainment for Kids in Austin."

Austins Website 2

All are key phrases their target demographic would actually search!

5. Scene75

Scene75 is a multi-location, multi-attraction entertainment center with "something for everyone", as it states on their homepage.

This site is similar to Austin’s Park in that it effectively communicates their available attractions and how those attractions will make you feel.

Scene75 Website

What I loved the most was their "Why Play Anywhere Else?" section in the middle of the homepage. In this section, they list 10 reasons why their facility is awesome, from "there's something here for all ages" to "we have the best loyalty program in the industry."

Bold and confident! Exactly what your facility website should say to the world. 

The websites above remind us that it's imperative to clearly show and explain what attractions are available at your facility. You can use certain color palettes to create a distinct brand identity. You can also use images or videos to show people how your facility is going to make them feel.

Perhaps most importantly, we learn the importance of improving the user experience on your website by making it easy to navigate. 

The goal of your website is to turn interested prospects into paying customers. In order to achieve that goal, your site must translate all the joy and fun that your facility offers!

Our hope is that these examples will help you turn your website into a productive sales & marketing asset. 

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