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4 Tips to Increase Your Online Party Bookings

In this article, we share 4 things you can do if you're looking to increase the number of online party bookings for your family entertainment center.

In our 2020 Online Party Booking Study, we discovered that over 72% of parties are booked via mobile. In 2018, that number was only 59%.

The proof is in the pudding. Every facility should meet their customers where they are by providing an online booking option.

If you already provide online booking, you might be wondering how you can continue to increase overall party bookings. Read on to learn more!

4 Tips to Improve Your Online Party Booking

Below are 4 ways you can increase your online party booking.

1. Define Your Customers

The first step in creating a successful marketing campaign is to define your target audience.

Who's most likely to book a party at your facility? What experience are they looking for?

You may want to start by creating a buyer persona that captures exactly who your target demographic is and what experience they're looking to book.

If you're a Party Center Software customer, create a report of all customers and use it to identify any similarities between customers. What age is your average customer? Are moms booking more than dads? What age are their dependents?

2. Simplify Your Online Booking & Target Your Ideal Customers

According to a study from Educate Direct, 70% of mobile searches result in an online action within one hour. As already mentioned, mobile is incredibly important if your goal is to increase your online party bookings.

Make it easy for your customers to book by adding calls-to-action, like "Book Now" buttons, to your website and social media. Be sure your website is also optimized for mobile.

If you create an offering that resonates with your ideal customers and promote it via social media, ads, and especially locally, you'll increasingly become top-of-mind (and top-of-search) for those looking for what you already provide.

Consider offering a discount or adding a few free extras for anyone who books a party online for their child's 13th birthday party. Use specific keywords when advertising that will match their online search queries, such as "13th birthday party ideas" or "what to do for a 13th birthday party."

3. Create a Win-Win Purchase Experience

Don't forget about add-ons. Use this as a way to generate some more revenue from a party while further delighting the customer. 

Consider using your online store to offer such add-ons like pizza, snacks, or goodie bags.

Not only do you increase your party revenue, your customer will be relieved to not have to worry about food, drink, and even decorations!

4. Analyze Results & Continue to Improve

Take a step back from time to time and look at the result of your efforts. Use the reporting feature in your online party booking software to determine:

  • How many more online bookings are we getting per month since implementing this offer?
  • What kind of parties are customers booking the most?
  • Are customers taking advantage of our add-ons?
  • What add-ons are the most popular?

Taking the time to determine what's working and what isn't gives you the chance to make appropriate changes to your offerings. This will make your customers happy and your FEC more successful!

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