6 Simple Ways to Increase Party Revenue Through Upselling

6 Simple Ways to Increase Party Revenue Through Upselling

Eileen Hawkins
Jul 15, 2021 6:15 AM

Have you considered increasing your party revenue through upselling? 

Whether your customer calls to book, walks in on a Friday evening, or books online, you have the opportunity to sell add-ons that'll increase the overall revenue you make from your parties!

In this article, we'll explore some simple ways you can upsell your customers and boost profits online and in-house.

6 Simple Ways to Increase Party Revenue Through Upselling

Let's get into how you can increase party revenue through upselling. 

How to Increase Party Revenue Online

If you don't have online booking available, set it up as soon as possible. You can increase your party bookings easily by allowing your customers to book online, 24/7.

In fact, your customers will probably upsell themselves with add-ons!

Here are three more things to consider:

1. Images

“A picture is worth 1000 words." We all know the phrase! So, make sure the images on your website reflect the right "words" you want people to think about your business!

Your images should let the customer know how clean your facility is and how much fun the family will have once they arrive. You should have plenty of photos of kids having fun and parents having fun, too.

2. Descriptions

Highlight all of the features that make your party and products special.

For example, if your pizza dough is hand-tossed and not frozen, be sure to say something like, “Freshly made-to-order, hand-tossed pizza, gluten-free.”

It’s also worth noting how many slices are including in each large pizza so your customers can plan ahead. Including small details like this will help you to upsell other food items!

3. Google Analytics

If you haven’t thought about Google Analytics for a while, now is the time! Perhaps you’ve logged in, but haven’t optimized your website for party booking conversions. Or, maybe you’re not sure where to start.

Google Analytics can help you discover how to attract more customers through your website.

And, optimizing your website using Google Analytics is easier than you’d think. Click here to read our article on how to get started!

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How to Increase Party Revenue In-House

Now that we’ve explored how to increase party revenue online, let’s talk about some ways to improve party revenue in-house.

Here are three simple ways:

1. Scripts and “Go-To” Lines

Take some time this week and map out exactly what specific product or service you're going to upsell. Train your team on what to say and make sure everyone is ready to implement the pitch!

Fun fact: oftentimes, customers are in the mood to buy during party time. After all, throwing or attending a party is so much fun! And guess what? You’re the expert when it comes to creating a fun party, so don’t be shy about discussing your other packages or offers. 

Don’t have time to come up with scripts? Our friends over at TrainerTainment have developed some great ones you can use. 

Examples of “Go-To” Lines:

"To make Johnny’s party even easier and more fun, would you like to add a Pinata filled with candy and toys or an additional $5 on each player card? This would only be $2.50 for each child. Do you think Johnny would prefer the Pinata or an additional $5 on his game card?"

"Do you plan on feeding the adult chaperones? If so, I just had our wings for lunch and they are really delicious! Would you like to add a platter for the adults?"

2. Staff Training

Take the time to train your staff, this includes upselling and cross-selling products!

One easy way to kick-off a new upsell would be to conduct a staff training event that will allow staff to experience the attractions or food. This way, your staff will know how to authentically sell the item.

They can tell the customer first-hand how much fun they had or how delicious your food is!

3. Sales Contests

Hosting team sales contests is a great way to incentivize staff. 

Be sure to offer great prizes like gift cards from other local businesses or whatever motivates your team. 

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