3 Party Promotion Tips to Increase Online Booking

In this article, we share a few party promotion tips to help you reach customers and increase your online party bookings.

Are you looking for party promotion tips to increase your online booking? 

Well, you came to the right place! At Party Center Software, we're always creating new resources to help FEC owners and operators grow their business. 

In this post, I highlight 3 party promotion tips you can implement to effectively market your party packages. 

3 Party Promotion Tips to Increase Online Booking

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1. Use Your Facility Management Software

The most important step you should take to set your business up for success is to invest in a facility management software.

One benefit of having this tool is that it allows you to create a customer database. So if you’re looking to increase online party bookings, this system will allow you to easily access customer information (contact details) and will make engaging with customers a breeze.

For example, you can run a report to determine who has a birthday this month and send a party promotion email to those individuals. 

Or, offer a special discount to anyone who books a party online with you during that time. Even if these guests weren’t planning on booking a party originally, your promotion and incentive will give your customers a reason to book.

Don't forget to include a direct link to your online booking page in all of your party promotions. Make it easy for your customers to book!

2. Keep Your Website Up-to-Date & Use It To Advertise Current Party Promotions

Use your facility’s website to promote any deals or upcoming events.

Be sure that all party package descriptions are updated as well. The last thing you want is to give your guests false information that could end up in disappointment and potentially, a lost party booking!

3. Maximize Your Use of Social Media

Facebook gives you the ability to create specific events on their platform and invite people to attend. It’s a great place to share monthly and weekly reminders about any public events, as well as continue to promote your offerings. 

Consider running a contest on Instagram and have guests post a picture or video of them having a wonderful time at your facility. You can ask that they use a specific hashtag so that you can find all of the entries easily and other people can witness how much fun your facility really is! First prize can be a discount or a free day pass!

Do you have any network partners or local business friends? Use LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with other businesses in your community. Ask them to help you promote your party package deals, and in return, you’ll promote their product or service on your social media channels.

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Twitter is also a great platform for quick reminders and party promotions! Tweet a funny picture or party meme with an incentive to book an event with you. Again, be sure to include a link to your online booking page right in the tweet.

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