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4 Key Takeaways from Amusement 360 August 2022

Did you attend Amusement 360 August 2022? Here are four of our key takeaways.

Did you attend Amusement 360?

Last week, Creative Works held its bi-annual event, Amusement 360. Whether you've been in the family entertainment industry for decades or are just getting started, this event provides a wide range of industry knowledge and insights through presentations, networking, professional development, and more!

Courtney Drahos, our Customer Success Consultant, had the pleasure of attending and participating in this in-person event while the rest of the team joined virtually! Here are four of our key takeaways from Amusement 360 August 2022!

4 Key Takeaways from Amusement 360 August 2022

One of our main takeaways from Amusement 360 August 2022 is that there is always room for change and improvement in the family entertainment industry. Even if you have to pivot, don't lose sight of your purpose!

Below is a list of our top four key takeaways from Amusement 360 August 2022.

Key Takeaway #1: Software Can Reduce Friction and Ease the Load on Labor

Many facilities are experiencing staff shortages and are searching for employees that would be the "right fit" for their facility. Staff shortages are one of the biggest reasons why you should look into streamlining your processes with software.

Instead of having a staff member sit at the front desk and take calls, your guests should be able to easily find and visit your website and online booking module to find out everything they need to know including hours, upcoming events, party packages, etc. This helps with staffing allocation and scheduling.

Utilizing signage or QR codes throughout your facility can also direct guests to your website to make purchases and book parties. Take the weight off your staff when it comes to bookings and help them prioritize other tasks in your facility!

Be sure to prepare your team to collaborate. By setting up tablets in party rooms, your party hosts could enter information and collect the necessary info they need for your kitchen staff, for example, rather than having to run back and forth.

Key Takeaway #2: There's Balance Between Technology and Customer Engagement

Sometimes there's tension between using technology and the soul of your business: customer service. The family entertainment center industry is a service-based, people business. How can operators balance utilizing technology while still growing face-to-face customer engagement?

A common misconception is that when you have more technology in your facility, it'll take away from one-on-one human interaction. This is not the case!

Instead of having a guest call and wait to talk to a staff member, with online booking, they can easily go on your facility's website and see everything they need to know from how to purchase gift cards, party packages, and more. This helps your staff give better customer service because instead of being tied to a phone, they can walk around and be attentive to customers at your facility.

Marketing automation can have a bad reputation or be perceived as robotic or spam. There are many great automation tools that will help you create very specific and customized emails, for example, targeting specific customer segments. This will also help you increase communication with your guests, such as before your guest arrives, after your guest visits, before or on their birthday, etc.

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Key Takeaway #3: Keep Up-to-Date with Your Software Solution

Software solutions will continue to upgrade and improve for years to come. With any software solution, you need to make sure you're revisiting the particular partner that you're working with on that process ever so often.

Installing a software solution should not be a "set it and forget it". Find a solution that is not just going to sell you software and wish you well. You want your solution to understand your goals and support you in your continual growth as a business.

Attend training, take them up on their resources like ebooks, webinars, blogs, etc., and ask questions!

It's a good idea to evaluate your software every three months or so, asking yourself what tools are available or changes you should make. is your provider making processes more difficult or easier? Maintain those touch points.

Find a solution that'll be a vital part of your tech stack!

Key Takeaway #4: Be Transparent with Your Customers

What are some of the best ways to collect customer data that you can leverage while not making your customers feel like their privacy is being compromised?

When you're asking for your customer's information, it's all about transparency. Tell them your why, first!

For example, if you have a particular attraction, you're going to ask them to sign a digital waiver. You can be transparent with them by saying, "I need you to fill this out so we're on the same page in terms of risks involved."

At the end of the day, you're creating lasting memories for kids, families, and friends. Creating those amazing experiences and being a part of that experience is an honor. Being authentic and honest will go a long way and keep your customers returning time and time again!

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