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How to Use Digital Waivers to Capture Customer Data

Digital waivers are a great way to capture more information about your customers. Read on to learn more.

Digital waivers are a great way to capture more information about your customers.

By asking the right questions on your waiver, you can gather information like emails, birth dates, dependent birth dates, and more. This data allows you to re-market more effectively.

How to Use Digital Waivers to Capture Customer Data

While paper waivers can be lost, damaged, or not filled out properly, digital waivers can help you avoid these issues, all while allowing you to collect helpful data for your marketing efforts. 

At Party Center Software, our digital waiver feature allows you to set custom questions. For instance, if you ask customers where they first heard about your facility, you can capture more information about your most effective marketing channels. Then, you can choose whether to expand upon or look for new outlets to promote your business and attract new customers. 

There are a lot of other benefits to using online waivers for data collection.

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For one, it allows you to segment your customers by demographic, such as by age, birth date, or by dependent. Simply export the desired date range for signed digital waivers, then use Excel to create the list you’re looking to target.

If your facility specializes in birthday parties for kids between the ages of 5 and 10, simply sort your list based on the dependent's birth date. This will allow you to see which dependents fall in your desired category.

From there, you can set up an email campaign for the parents of these dependents. You might consider setting up a birthday promotion campaign where you send out a series of emails leading up to the dependent’s birthday. Perhaps you offer a discount or an “upgrade” for booking early.

On this note, most people like to be recognized for having a birthday (even when they say they don’t!). Using waiver data you can set up a “Happy Birthday” campaign where you wish your guests a happy birthday and perhaps offer a small gift--like a free slice of pizza if they visit on their birthday and show the promo email and their ID. 

Over time, analyze this data and look for any patterns that can help you maximize your efforts. For instance, you may notice seasonal changes, differences in the sort of package items that are most popular amongst your customer segments, and whether you get more repeat visitors or first-time guests!

Online waivers allow you to capture great information about your customers and enable you to grow your business. 

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