5 Ways FECs Can Collect Great Customer Data

In this article, we highlight 5 easy ways you can collect customer data!

You’re probably wondering: how can I collect great customer data? 

There are so many reports, insights, and analytic tools out there. What’s the most important (and valuable) source of data to use for your family entertainment center?

In this article, we highlight 5 easy ways you can collect customer data!

5 Ways FECs Can Collect Great Customer Data

First, think of all of your touchpoints. 

Where do you interact with your customers? You do so in person, of course, at your facility. You also interact with them digitally, when they go onto your social profile or onto your website.

Consider capturing data both in person and digitally, be it when they come to your facility and try to log into your WiFi (Hownd offers a tool that asks users to fill out a form before they can connect to your WiFi) or, when they hop onto your website and want to subscribe to your promo email newsletter (ask for their name & email!). 

Here are the most popular tools top FECs use to collect great customer data:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track a customer’s journey throughout your website. 

You can track:

  • What pages get viewed most often? Any trends? Is a specific attraction page more popular than another? 
  • How many views does your online booking page receive? 
  • How many views convert into parties from your online booking page?
  • Which page leads to them “bouncing,” or leaving the site most often?
  • How many people visit your site daily, and what events cause that to spike? 

If you know that a lot of people visit your website from Organic Search, you may want to focus on continuing to improve your Search Engine Optimization, so that your website ranks higher on Google.

If a lot are coming from Facebook, then you’ll want to focus on building up your posting consistency or targeting specific customers with tailored ads. All of these actions are first derived from what the data says and can lead to revenue growth for your business. 

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2. Forms & Waivers

Forms allow you to capture great data, everything from the customer’s name, phone number, email, to birth date and so much more. 

Digital waivers don’t just allow you to accelerate your check-in process & protect your business. If you’re a PCS customer, you can also use your digital waivers to ask customer-specific questions. 

For instance, you can ask customers where they first heard about your facility, or you can capture more information about your most effective marketing channels (did they find you through Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok?). Then, you can choose whether to expand upon or look for new outlets to promote your business and attract new customers. 

You can embed forms on your website through email automation platforms, for example, and collect sign-up data for your newsletter. You can also partner with a platform like Hownd and set up a free WiFi connection for customers while also using it as a tool to collect more data as mentioned previously. This will allow you to send follow-up emails to customers that have already visited your facility and is another great way to drive repeat business.

3. Social Media

Social media insights are another great way to gather more information about your customers. 

On Facebook, for example, you can import your customer list and create a custom audience for ads retargeting. This way, you can run advertisements directed toward that audience and track whether they effectively increase bookings. 

Facebook knows a lot about this custom audience you created, such as their demographic, location data, likes and dislikes, median income, and so forth. You can then run ads at people who “look like” those who have already visited your FEC. This is a great way to connect with new potential customers and increase your brand awareness!

By adding your Facebook Pixel to your website, you can also re-target website visitors on Facebook! If you’ve ever had an ad seemingly “follow you around,” that’s the Facebook Pixel at work! (add link)

4. Facility Management Software

Your facility management software is a great resource for capturing data that you can then use to tailor your marketing activities toward your target demographic.

If you’re a Party Center Software customer, you can pull various reports from your software that can help you identify new opportunities, like what type of parties are most frequently booked or who has an upcoming birthday so that you can email them a promo!

Check out our latest resource for our top 8 popular reports and how you can use them to grow your business!

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5. Customer Surveys

Customer feedback surveys are often overlooked, but they’re a fantastic way to get data and information on how you can improve your party experience, facility, customer service, and more. 

Making Data Actionable

After you’ve captured the data, you have to put it into action. What’s the point of setting up these systems if you don’t use the information available at your fingertips!?

First, make sure to schedule some time to take a look at the information collected and develop a list of potential improvements you can make. We recommend that you do this annually, quarterly, and even monthly to make sure that you’re on track to meet your goals. 

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How to Use Reporting Data to Grow Your Business

Collecting and analyzing customer data can help fuel and improve your efforts to drive repeat business, market to new customers, and grow brand awareness.

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