Learn four ways to receive great customer feedback about your FEC in this article.

4 Ways to Receive Great Customer Feedback

Eileen Hawkins
Jun 2, 2020 10:09 AM

Great customer feedback.

It's what every family entertainment center—what every business for that matter—strives to get, as much and as often as they can.

No business, especially one that is predominantly customer-facing, can continue to succeed if they stay complacent. If you contribute to the success of an FEC at all—regardless of leadership level—it's your job consistently find ways to provide a great guest experience, so you can continuously receive positive feedback from your customers.

The insights shared in this article may seem obvious, but it's beneficial for businesses, especially long-standing ones, to go back-to-the-basics, to make sure you haven't let anything slip through the cracks.

Following are 4 things you can do to receive great customer feedback about your FEC.

5 Ways to Get Great
Customer Feedback

1. Give a Great First Impression of
Your FEC

When guests walk into your facility, they're "sizing-up" their surroundings almost immediately. They're using all their senses to form an opinion of what they think about your FEC before they've even interacted with one of your employees.

This is where the piece of advice, "actions speak louder than words" comes into play.

Make sure your facility is clean, especially the doors, windows, and floors near the entrances. You'd be surprised how quickly guests notice "the little things."

Are your bathrooms clean and stocked with supplies? If you have a kitchen, are your surfaces clean and is food handled and put away properly? Does your redemption area look organized?

As mentioned previously, guests will likely already have some kind of opinion of your facility beginning to form before they even reach your front desk and interact with an employee, so it's important that impression starts off well, and only gets better.

2. Ask for Positive Feedback Directly

If you're looking for positive customer feedback, you don't need to wait for it!

Often times, guests only speak up about something they're NOT happy with, rather than if they had a wonderful time.

Ask directive questions to get the answers you're looking for. Whether on social media or in person, ask: "What's your favorite thing about our FEC?" or, "What has been your most positive interaction with one of our employees?" If you'd like to use these statements as part of your marketing efforts, be sure to ask your guests' permission before doing so.

3. Hold Regular Employee Trainings

A huge part of your business and whether you receive positive or negative reviews from guests is the interactions they have with your employees.

To make sure that your guests are consistently receiving the best service and mistakes aren't made, conduct regular meetings and trainings with your team. Be sure to relay your expectations and what things take priority over others, as well as make it known that you're available to help individual staff members should they have specific questions or need a refresher on how to handle certain situations.

Your employees have friends and family, too, and those people could be potential guests! If you show how caring of a boss and leader you are, and that you're focused on improvement of both your staff and your FEC as a whole, positive feedback from those who see and hear about this will come pouring in.

4. Support Your Local Community 

Just as the community supports you by coming into your facility each day, a wonderful way to receive great customer feedback is to actively seek out ways to give back to that same community in return.

Whether you offer space in your facility free of charge for local organizations to meet together, sponsor a town little league team, or donate to a cause that means something to your community, it's important to show guests that you care about supporting those who support you.

Make the Changes

Receiving great customer feedback is what we all love, but it's also important to focus on the feedback that points out ways your FEC can improve. Only giving light to the good, will only cause the areas that need to improve to grow larger. Be focused on and commit to improving the things your guests point out to you, because a piece of positive customer feedback regarding something you worked hard to make great? Sometimes that's the best customer feedback of all.

If you're looking for more insights on customer feedback, check out our complimentary resource, Your Guide to an Effective Customer Feedback Survey.

Our goal for this guide is to provide you with inspiration for the types of questions you should be asking your guests after they've visited your facility. The answers you receive to questions you ask your customers are keys to increasing the success of your business—so ask your guests what you want to know!

Download your complimentary copy of the guide.

Download Your Guide to an Effective Customer Feedback Survey

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