5 Marketing Ideas to Start 2022 with a Bang

Looking for fresh marketing ideas to kick off the new year? Here are 5 marketing ideas you can add to your 2022 Marketing Plan.

Looking for fresh marketing ideas to kick off the new year?

The beginning of each new year brings new energy into creative endeavors.

Here are 5 marketing ideas you can add to your 2022 Marketing Plan. Let's make this our best year yet!

5 Marketing Ideas to Start 2022 with a Bang

Let's jump in!

1. Refresh your website to enhance the guest experience.

Your website is a business asset. It helps you grow your business by generating awareness and interest 24/7.

Building a whole new website can seem daunting. This year, try to take a step-by-step approach by auditing what needs to be changed and making a plan for how to implement those changes throughout the year.

Create a frequent update schedule for your website. By simply updating your website in a timely manner, you can avoid having to do a huge overhaul every few years!

2. Refine your social media strategy to engage with customers.

I've seen a lot of customers put out some creative posts on various social channels throughout the year. As with any marketing discipline, you should continue to get better.

Check out our resources on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration.

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In addition to posting consistently (and creatively!), try to get your staff members to become brand ambassadors!

If you set some guidelines, you can encourage your staff members to get the word out about any campaigns you're promoting. Try gamify-ing the offer with some contests and prizes for staff members with the most engagement!

3. Get familiar with and actively manage Google My Business.

One of the most important tools you have access to is Google My Business.

If you want to increase visibility and influence your customers' decision to come to your facility, you'll want to get more active on this platform.

Some of its cool features include:

  • Google Posts: You can publish products, events, and special offers.
  • Q&A: You can answer questions to frequently asked questions that guests may have.
  • Menu: If you have a cafe or restaurant, you can add menu items that can entice visitors to choose your facility as well—especially if you have a menu that gives you a competitive edge.
  • Reviews: Replying to reviews is a chance to thank your advocates or make things right with those who didn't have a good experience. 

If you don't have Google My Business set up yet or would like to learn how to use it better, here's a good resource for you.

4. Create topic clusters for your content.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved over the years. When you look at the history of changes to Google's Algorithms, they're always improving the search experience for everyone.

Creating helpful pages on a topic and linking to relevant pages on your site is the new SEO/Content strategy you'll want to leverage. 


You start by identifying topics you want to own in your market (e.g., birthday parties). Then, create a robust page that covers every aspect of birthday parties and links to various pages and blog posts on your site.

Your SEO strategy is going to be one of your most valuable sources of website traffic. The actions you take today will yield results this time next year—especially if you track search traffic using Google Search Console!

For more information about this concept, check out the research on topic clusters.

5. Explore behavior-based interactions.

You may already be running successful Facebook Ad campaigns and sending emails to segmented lists. But to take the guest experience to the next level with your communications, try creating behavior-based triggers to tailor messages based on where they're at in the customer journey.

For example, you can run a retargeting ad for those busy moms who have viewed your online booking page, but didn't pull the trigger just yet.

You can run a timely Facebook ad to remind them to finish booking their party with you. Keep in mind this works best if you're already automating your party booking process!

For more specifics on how to set up ads based on pages they view, check out this post by Social Media Examiner on How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad Re-Targeting Funnel.

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