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5 Summer Event Ideas to Help You Boost Revenue

Are you looking for creative event ideas to help boost revenue this summer? We're here to help!

Are you looking for creative summer event ideas to help boost revenue? We're here to help!

I know that it's summer vacation season, so a lot of families are traveling at the moment. However, there are still plenty of folks looking for "staycation" activities and there are some creative ways you can get tourists or traveling families to stop by your FEC, too!

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5 Summer Event Ideas to Help You Boost Revenue

Here are a few summer event ideas you can try out this season.

1. "Let us be your go-to on a rainy day"

If you see a rainy day coming up this week, target families planning outdoor trips with a last-minute offer to stop by your facility for some fun.

Have a re-occurring ad on Facebook letting people know that you're their go-to place on a rainy day!

Be sure to also spread this offer to local youth enrichment programs, every YMCA, and schools in your customer database.

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2. End-of-Season Sports Banquet

Target local league organizations and the coaches in your community.

Give them a fun way to reward the kids for all their hard work by offering up your facility and a fun party package. Hand out little awards and make it a fun celebratory ceremony!

3. Summer Passes

Run a promotional offer that allows guests to come in any time during the next several weeks for one low price.

This is a great way to boost business during the summer! Target customers on social media & in your local community. You may even want to put up a sign to let people know!

4. Date Night or Parent's Night Out

Not every parent has family nearby or a babysitter available to watch their kids.

Offering a "Parent's Night Out" is a great way to give their kids a fun experience while letting mom and dad catch a movie and grab some dinner!

5. Summer Camp

A week-long program that gives working parents a place to drop off their kids to learn and play is a great opportunity for your business.

Check out this guide on starting an after-school program for more information.

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