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5 Event & Promo Ideas for Your FEC: Business Tips by PCS

In our latest Business Tips series video, we share a few creative event & promo ideas for your family entertainment center!

Are you a busy FEC owner?

In our latest "Business Tips by PCS" series video, we share a few creative event & promo ideas that'll help you attract more customers to your facility!

5 Event & Promo Ideas for Your FEC: Business Tips by PCS

Need some event and promo ideas? Check out our latest video below!

Our Business Tips series is all about sharing practical ideas and actions you can take to grow your business!


Here are the event and promo ideas we share in this video:

1. Valentine's Day Party

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for facilities to host more than one event. Here are a few examples:

  • Galentine's Day Party (Gal Pal's only!)
  • Single's Party
  • Family Love Party
  • Chocolate Tasting Fair

A clever promotional slogan for you to use might be: "Forget the flowers and chocolates, gift a memory instead!" Use your online store to sell 3-month membership passes at a discount during this time!

2. Time Block It!

Plan a St. Patrick's Day party for both children and adults!

For kids, consider hosting a fun day of activities including a St. Patrick’s Day-themed scavenger hunt and a fun crafting session where they create their own “pot of gold” by painting a cauldron and stuffing it with chocolate coins.

For adults, consider hosting a DIY St. Patty’s Day Drink event. Provide fun drink toppings such as whipped cream, green sprinkles, and cherries. If able, you can also host an Irish cooking class!

3. "April Showers" Party Series

Run discounts based on the weather!

You can increase business on a “slow” day by encouraging customers to come to your indoor facility for family fun when it's raining.

4. Mother's Day Discount

Reward moms with special pricing if they come to your facility to spend time with their children during this week.

5. Summer Break Party

Consider hosting a "School's Out" Party to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation.

Have children ring in the summer by putting together a fun DIY Summer Drink Station where they can create their own summer drink using lemonade, different soda, and fun flavorings (don’t forget the funky straws!) 

If you have outdoor space, you can host a series of fun activities outside such as a water balloon fight, chalk drawing contest, and so much more!

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