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Time Management Tips: Business Tips by PCS

In our latest Business Tips series video, we share a few practical ideas on how you time-manage effectively.

Are you a busy FEC owner?

In our latest "Business Tips by PCS" series video, we share a few time management tips that'll help you grow and manage your business effectively!

Time Management Tips: Business Tips by PCS

Need some time management tips? Check out our latest video below!

Our Business Tips series is all about sharing practical ideas and actions you can take to grow your business!


Here are the tips we share in this video:

1. Start Your Week with a Plan

What can you do this week to work towards the goals that you set for yourself before the year or quarter began?

We recommend creating your weekly goals in the same exact place every single week---that way you can refer to your goals from the week prior to check off what was accomplished, and what needs to be carried over. 

2. Time Block It!

You have 8 hours per day times however many days you work to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

So, you take your weekly goals, open your Google CalendarOutlook CalendariCloud Calendar, whatever digital calendar you use, and start plugging in blocks of time for the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Say you’ll be training your staff on a new safety policy this week—time block it! Block  2-3 pm on Wednesday to conduct your meeting.

3. Stick to Your Plans

You’re working on time management for a reason: you want to be more efficient. The only way this will work is if you stick to your plans.

So, if you absolutely need to crunch numbers this week, don’t let it get pushed aside again and again by “urgent” but not “important” things. Create a space in your facility where you can get important work done and make it clear to your staff that there are times when you will not be available to them.

4. Delegate

Allow others to take tasks off your hands. If you’re an owner, allow your manager to take on responsibilities that you know they can handle for you.

Just remember it’s not about demanding that someone else do something for you. It’s about providing them with an opportunity to earn the right to be more responsible.

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