5 FEC Instagram Accounts Everyone Should Follow

Are you following any FEC Instagram accounts? Here are five who are crushing it.

Are you following any FEC Instagram accounts? Do you take note of what they're doing and try to incorporate some of those creative ideas into your own social media strategy?

Whether you're already crushing it on social or are just getting started, we can all benefit from some inspiration. 

That's why today we're highlighting our five favorite FEC Instagram accounts. Be sure to follow them and us, @partycentersoftware, for more tips, announcements, and great content!


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5 FEC Instagram Accounts Everyone Should Follow

What makes a great FEC Instagram account? Well, it's a combination of great branding, engaging posts, and effective calls to action. 

Here's a list of five we're inspired by:

1. @nerfies_ 

Nerfies is a family entertainment center located in Plano, Texas. They're all about Nerf gun battles & family fun!


When you go on their Instagram profile, you'll notice that they have multiple branded highlights about their birthday parties, food, and monthly deals. This allows for profile visitors to quickly learn everything about what their facility has to offer. Additionally, they updated their bio to include a statement about current COVID guidelines, which is helpful for parents that want to stay in the loop.

Nerfies also does a great job of posting branded photos of kids having fun at their facility. That's exactly what parents want to see!

2. @thefiveparty

The Five Party & Event Center is Ohio's premier event venue for children's parties and social events. Actually, that's exactly what their Instagram bio says and doesn't it just sound great? We can all use this as inspiration for our own bios. 


The Five Party's bio also includes a, which leads potential customers to multiple links or resources. If you're an FEC, we highly recommend you implement this on Instagram since you can only have one link in your bio and it's a great way to maximize that space.

Clicking on Five Party's, you'll notice that you can either sign up for their Santa Visit, purchase their "Take Home Craft Kit" or "Book a Party." Everything you need is right there!

Lastly, The Five Party does an incredible job of showcasing their holiday spirit by promoting the "12 Days of Giveaways" campaign on their Instagram. In each giveaway post, they ask that followers like the photo, tag a friend, and follow @thefiveparty on Instagram for a chance to win a prize. Prizes include gift cards, kits, passes to see Santa, and more! This is a great way to grow followers and encourage families to visit your facility.

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3. @urbanairpark

With over 150 locations and 14K followers on its main Instagram page, it's safe to say that Urban Air is really crushing the game.


In their bio, Urban Air made sure to include two hashtags: #UrbanAir and #LetEmFly. This is a great way to encourage customers to take and share their photos of family fun on Instagram.

Urban Air is also a champ at incorporating video, animations, and gifs into their social strategy. Here at Party Center Software, we're working on a video that'll teach you how to easily capture those #Instaworthy moments on your phone.

4. @conquerninjagyms

Conquer Ninja Gyms is a ninja warrior training FEC with multiple locations in Minnesota. Sounds like a blast, right?


On Instagram, Conquer has a main page as well as accounts for each location. If you're a multi-location FEC or franchise, this is something to consider. You'll be able to maximize growth by catering posts to the right community. 

In their bio, you'll notice that they link directly to their parties page. This is a great way to drive visitors to the right place. After all, we really want them to book events and parties with us!

Another great thing about Conquer is that they highlight their warriors. Their feed is filled pictures of champs showing off their medals. 

5. @kidcadia

Kidcadia is a play center and cafe located in Dearborn, Michigan. It's a great place for kids to have fun and use their imagination, while parents enjoy a great meal and relax!


On Instagram, one of Kidcadia's highlights features a "walk through" of their facility. This is a great way to show parents exactly what to expect (and get them excited too).

Throughout their feed, you'll see giveaways, videos and pictures of their facility, and more! We love seeing their calls to action, too. Kidcadia posts about different attractions in their facility and provides a quick "here's what you need to know" in the caption. This way, parents see exactly where to register and how to fill out the waiver in advance.

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