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3 Video Marketing Tips for Your Family Entertainment Center

Tonya Barnett
Jun 18, 2020 10:15 AM

Just like today’s society, the world of marketing is constantly evolving. In our complimentary guide, FEC Marketing 101: 3 Easy Ways to Effectively Market Your Family Entertainment Center, we share that one of the biggest keys to success in marketing your FEC is making connections with your audience.

This is especially true for video marketing.

3 Video Marketing Tips to Help Your Family Entertainment Center Succeed

Video Marketing Tip for FECs #1: Be Human,
Be Relatable

As unfortunate as it is, it can be difficult for people to remember that behind every family entertainment center, there is a (or a team of) leader(s) who are REAL people. In today’s society and economy, too many consumers are surrounded by “big business” stores and their experiences have sadly become increasingly impersonal and transactional.

Take this as your opportunity to stand out among the rest!

Using video in your marketing efforts is a fantastic way to show exactly who is behind your business. When marketing with video, you open the door for your audience to have the chance to make a connection with you and your business even before they walk in your doors. It helps potential guests gain a sense of the kind of atmosphere your facility provides and what type of experience they’re likely to have if they visit.

When your audience sees how happy and prepared you are to host customers and are dedicated to providing them with a fun and memorable experience, you pass an incredible amount of excitement on to your customers. Show your community your business culture and how passionate you are about creating life-long happy memories for kids of ALL ages and aren’t just focused on collecting money for a product or service.

A few ways to humanize your business from a video marketing perspective are to:

  • Showcase your team members! Share their stories and their personalities. Consider running a series where you interview one your employees on social each week. This will not only show your customers the kind of people you employ but will also help your employees feel more connected to and more valued as a part of the team as well. Doing this also allows your guests to feel comfortable as soon as they walk into your facility, as they might see a face they recognize from following your employee video series.
  • Give past, present, and future customers a behind the scenes look at your company. Give viewers a virtual tour so they get an idea of what to expect when they come and be excited to visit! This will also allow you to address any concerns potential guests may have regarding safety and cleaning procedures as well, so everyone feels safe.
  • Use video as a way to admit potential shortcomings and communicate your commitment to continuous improvement. Your customers will appreciate your straightforwardness and respect you and your brand more for this.

If you’re looking for more insights on how to personally connect with others in a very impersonal world, consider picking up “People Buy From People” by Beth Standlee of Trainertainment.

Video Marketing Tip for FECs #2: Focus on Serving Your Customers and Fulfilling Their Needs

A lot of your customers—especially future guests—have questions, and are looking for certain things as part of their experience. Use the video features on platforms such as Facebook and answer your viewer's questions and address concerns in real time!

Many people typically don’t like calling and asking multiple questions. Why not give them a way to hop on, ask questions and receive the answers they want straight away, and then be able to return to their day!

Customers will love this kind of flexibility and appreciate your availability to answer their questions quickly and directly.

Video Marketing Tip for FECs #3: Engage with Your Audience

A video challenge is a great way to get your customers and employees engaged in your marketing efforts.

As an example, challenge customers to do a positive video review online of their experience at your facility and tell them to tag one of their friends they know would love to visit your family entertainment center!

Most people will trust their peers more than a brand, so getting your audiences’ engagement is a key element in making your video marketing efforts a success and having it lead to increased business and revenue.

What Types of Video Marketing Work for You?

We hope these video marketing tips serve as a great start to amplifying your marketing efforts and engaging with your customers.

Every FEC will have their own style and techniques that work for their individual businesses, but you’ll never know what works for you until you try.

So click the record button and get started!

If you have tried your hand at video marketing already, what tips do you have for those who are looking to start? We'd love for you to join our Party Center Community Group on Facebook and share your advice with others in the industry!

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