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7 Health and Safety Emergency Tips for Your FEC

In this article, we share 7 health or safety emergency tips to help your FEC stay prepare.

Have you ever experienced a health or safety emergency at your FEC? 

Whether you have or have not, it's better to be prepared than to try to figure things out on the fly in the midst of an emergency.

That's why in this blog post, I'll highlight 7 health and safety emergency tips for your FEC that you can add to your company playbook.

7 Health and Safety Emergency Tips for Your Family Entertainment Center

Let's jump in. 

1. Designate a Chain of Command

In the event of an emergency, your employees need to know whom to look to for direction.

The individuals you select are likely already part of your management team, however, make sure to communicate who is in charge of what if an emergency occurs.

2. Check Your Staffing Schedule

Be sure to double-check your staffing schedule.

You need to make sure that each responsibility area is covered in your emergency plan.

You don't want to be caught without at least one designated emergency leader on shift at all times.

3. Establish Emergency Procedures

Discuss examples of major emergencies with your team and write down a procedure that covers what should be done to effectively handle each situation. This can be a great team-building exercise!

Hold staff meetings periodically to practice team member responses and keep emergency plan sheets in an easily accessible location for everyone.

4. Train Staff in CPR & First-Aid

Prioritize having as many of your staff members as possible certified in first-aid and CPR. Begin with your management team (including yourself!) and work your way to getting the rest of your staff certified as time and budget allow.

If a health-related emergency or injury occurs in your facility, you will need capable employees who are trained in being able to assist the affected individuals as quickly as possible while you wait for a medical team to arrive.

5. Ensure Attraction Safety

One of your biggest priorities as an owner or manager of a family entertainment center should be the safety of your staff and customers.

Make sure each of your attractions gets routine, documented maintenance, and that all of your employees understand how to safely operate each attraction you have at your facility.

It's also your responsibility to communicate the proper guest behavior to exhibit while visiting your attractions. Print large signs that list out the proper behavior for each ride and hang them in easily readable places.

Make it known to parents and chaperones (if you run a facility for children) that if these rules aren't followed, play will not be allowed.

There's nothing wrong with strictly enforcing rules when safety is at stake!

6. Check Your Assistance Liability

This is another area of planning that is going to require some research.

Look into what your country and/or state laws say about your responsibility/liability when helping someone in an emergency before a trained medical staff can arrive.

Make sure to include a section in your digital waivers that frees you from liability should guests need help in an emergency before medical staff arrives.

7. Create an Emergency Contact List

Not only should you have a list of all local emergency numbers (police, fire, hospital) printed and displayed for all employees to see, but also be sure to print the contact information of your leadership team and how your staff can reach you in the event of an emergency.

You’ll also want to use your facility management software as a contact sheet for all your employees to access at any time.

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