RELEASE 5-23-2022 @ 4:30AM PDT - New Invoice

Party Center Software Release Notes 12.0

We are happy to announce a newly redesigned invoice for Party Center Software.

This new invoice design provides better readability for both your facility and your customers. It has been configured to scale to mobile resolutions as well. Customers may now view the content of an invoice from their mobile browser or mobile email app without excessive scrolling and zooming. 

The layout of a party's pricing and guest count has been redesigned with clarity and consistency in mind to match the layout used when booking a party in house using Party Center Software 2.0.

You will find that all information previously contained in the classic invoice will also be available in the new format.

For more information regarding Party Center Software 2.0, please reach out to our support team.

Enabling the New Invoice

To enable the new invoice for your facility, you will need to navigate to Admin > Facility Info > Preferences. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit Information:
Enabling the New Invoice 1
Check Enable 2.0 Invoice and click Save Changes:
Enabling the New Invoice 2
This will enable the new invoice for your facility. Once it is enabled, the new format will be used for all versions of the invoice. This includes printed invoices, emailed invoices, and the invoice that displays to the customer at the end of an online booking or online store order.

This setting will be enabled by default for all new facilities.

Overview of the New Invoice

Overview of New Invoice

  1. The logo you have uploaded for your facility will display here. The logo can be changed by navigating to Admin > Facility Info > Profile and changing the Logo Image.
  2. Your facility's address, phone number, and website. These can be changed by navigating to Admin > Facility Into > Profile and changing Address, Phone, and Home Page URL.
  3. The order number in your facility for a particular invoice.
  4. The booking customer's information is displayed here. This may vary based upon what your facility requires for customer account creation. It will display the customer's name, address, phone, and email if they have been provided.
  5. The name of the party that has been booked.
  6. The Guest of Honor for this party. This may vary based upon whether or not the party that was booked requires one for booking.
  7. The party information, including the date and time the party takes place and the number of guests. If this party has been assigned one or more hosts, the names of the party hosts will display here as well.

    NOTE: This example is for a party with three pricing tiers and one guest count. This may change depending on your party's pricing and guest count configuration, but the concept remains the same.

  8. The party's base price. In this example, the base price of the party is $100.00, which covers up to 10 guests.
  9. The first price tier, which in this example is $10.00 per guest for the 11th through the 15th guest.
  10. The second price tier, which in this example is $15.00 per guest for the 16th through the 20th guest. This party has a guest count of 18, so the $15.00 fee is only charged for the 16th, 17th, and 18th guest for a total of $45.00.
  11. The combined total of the base price and all guest fees.
  12. All products included in this order, including the party itself. This may include any add-on items added to the order, or packaged products:
    Overview of New Invoice 2
    If the products include descriptions that are set to display on the invoice, they will display in this section as well:
    Overview of New Invoice 3
  13. The totals for the entire order will display here. This includes all taxes and tips, as well as the remaining balance due.
  14. The Make Payment button will take customers to a secure payment page. This option is only available if your facility uses PC Pay for ecommerce payment processing.
  15. The payment history of the order will appear here. Payments will be listed once they have been completed:
    Overview of New Invoice 4


Mobile Resolution Support

The new invoice adapts to mobile phone resolutions. The display will vary somewhat based on the phone and email client, but all information will now be legible on a mobile device:

Mobile Resolution Support


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