RELEASE 8-3-2022 @ 4:30AM PDT - Phone Extensions & Bug Fixes

Party Center Software Release Notes 12.3

This release contains several improvements and many small bug fixes.
We have added support for customer and organization phone number extensions throughout Party Center Software for facilities that have enabled Party Center Software 2.0.

Please contact our support team if you would like to explore Party Center Software 2.0.


Phone Extensions

Several customers requested the ability to add phone number extensions to customer and organization profiles.
We have added a new Extension field that appears next to both primary and secondary phone numbers for all facilities with Party Center Software 2.0 enabled.

To begin using this feature, navigate to the Customers page and click on any customer or organization profile:
Phone Extensions 1

Navigate to Profile > Edit to add an extension to any customer or organization phone number:
Phone Extensions 2

Extensions may be added to both the primary and secondary phone numbers of any customer profile:
Phone Extensions 3

They may also be added to the phone number of any organization profile:
Phone Extensions 4

You may add a phone number extension to any customer or organization during account creation.
This may be done while creating an account through the Customers page or during an in house party booking.

The extension fields display during the online booking process, so any customer will now also have the ability to add a phone extension themselves while creating their own customer or organization profile:
Phone Extensions 5

If your facility utilizes our Waiver feature and your active waiver contains a phone number replacement field, the extension field will display for customers while they are signing:
Phone Extensions 6

If the Emergency Contact feature is enabled through Admin > Required Customer Fields > Enable Emergency Contact, an extension may also be added to the emergency contact phone number both in house and online:
Phone Extensions 7

The field will appear next to the emergency contact phone number. Extensions will be imported automatically along with the customer phone number when creating a dependent profile:
Phone Extensions 8

Reports that display customer or organization phone numbers have been updated to accommodate extensions as well.

For example, navigate to the Reports page and run the Customer Loyalty report after you have added an extension to the phone number of a customer with loyalty information and you will notice that the extension displays next to the phone number:
Customer Loyalty

Phone extensions are only applicable to customer and organization accounts at this time, as dependent accounts do not support phone numbers.


Payment Events Chargeback Information

The Payment Events section of the order Payments tab now displays chargeback information if the booking customer performed a chargeback on the credit card used for an order transaction:
Payment Events Chargeback Information 1
This information is only available for facilities using Party Center Pay.

You may view the amount, transaction ID, and time of the chargeback from the Payment Events tab of any order on which a chargeback occurred:
Payment Events Chargeback Information 2

NOTE: The Payment Events tab will not display unless it contains data.


PayPal Improvements

Some international customers using PayPal for online payments informed us of a few sporadic issues encountered by their customers during online booking.

We recently implemented a captcha for online payments to tighten security in the wake of several attempted but unsuccessful bot attacks.

This was the cause of the issues for facilities using PayPal. We have adjusted the way the captcha behaves to resolve these problems.

We have also removed the following page because it was interfering with captcha validation:
PayPal Improvements 1

Customers will now be taken directly to the checkout page after creating or logging into their account during online booking (or after viewing the Step 6 policies if applicable).

Functionality has not been altered for PayPal payments themselves.

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