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4 Signs You Need Help with Online Party Booking

Having an online party booking option is a gamechanger for your business. Read on to learn more!

Having an online party booking option is a gamechanger for your business. 

In our 2020 Online Party Booking Study, we discovered that over 72% of parties are booked via mobile. In 2018, that number was only 59%. 

More customers are booking parties online and it's become increasingly more important for you to meet them where they are. Otherwise, you're missing out on sales you could be making in your sleep!

4 Signs You Need Help with Online Party Booking

Here are 4 signs it's time to invest in an online booking solution.

1. You're forcing your customers to submit online forms to book birthday parties.

According to research from Finances Online, 81% of users abandon a form after starting to fill it out.

People abandon online forms due to security concerns (29%), form length (27%), advertisements or upselling (11%), and unnecessary questions (10%). 

If you're still using forms to book parties, you're probably missing out on a lot of party sales! More and more customers use smartphones and other smart devices to book parties. Why not make it easier by providing an online booking solution that makes it easier to book?

If you want to book more birthday parties, think about these words of wisdom from Zig Ziglar, "To get what you want, help others get what they want."

2. You're booking more parties over the phone than online.

If you're using online forms, you're probably playing a lot of phone tag to chase down deposits. Not to mention the bad timing of an inbound call could throw off your entire day!

Since spikes in online party bookings in our study occur around lunch hours, phone calls for party inquiries peak during those times as well.

One way to measure the efficiency and scalability of your party booking process is to identify the percentage of parties booked online versus in-house (over the phone or at your facility). The higher the rate that comes from online, the more scalable and repeatable your booking process is.

When you assess your current booking and sales process, look for areas to improve. Our customers will attest to the fact that quality party booking software enhances multiple scalability factors.

3. You're not using your website analytics data.

Do you know how your customers, or potential customers, interact with your website

Use Google Analytics to optimize your party booking conversions. Take a look at how users interact with your website and make any necessary changes. 

Need help getting started? Take a look at these 8 Google Analytics reports and use them to improve your party sales funnel.

4. You think party booking software is too expensive.

Warren Buffett wisely said, "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." This quote holds true for party booking software in the entertainment industry.

When looking for a solution, consider each vendor's specific offering. An emphasis on features and specifications is drastically different than a focus on outcomes.

To illustrate this point, let's look at two scenarios.

A) You pay $100/month for software with a feature focus, and you book three parties per month. The goal of the vendor is to sell the sub-par product—at a lower price. As a result, you make ~$600 in online sales each month.

B) You pay $200/month for software with a focus on outcomes and you book 12 parties per month. The goal of this service provider is to ensure you're booking more parties and continuously helps you find ways to improve your party business. As a result, you're generating ~$2400 in online sales every month.

With many low-priced options in the marketplace, we understand going for what seems to be the best price. Be sure to also consider the value you're getting because this can make or break your investment!

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