4 Ways to Use Google Trends to Reach More Customers

Did you know you can use Google Trends to reach more customers and book more parties? Read on for more!

Did you know you can use Google Trends to reach more customers and book more parties? 

That's right! 

According to Fit Small Business, there were over 5.6 billion Google searches made per day in 2021. Even more mind-blowing is the fact that 92% of all search volume is globally from Google!

Targeting specific keywords and using various tools Google has to offer will help you reach more customers. Customers are always Googling fun attractions to visit in their local area or where they will be traveling to, so it's important to be where your customers are and make the booking process simple!

4 Ways to Use Google Trends to Reach More Customers

With Google Trends, you can see visual representations of popular search queries on Google at any given time. Since search intent provides us with an idea of what people are trying to do, it's almost like reading their minds.

Let me show you an example.

Do you remember Pokemon Go? The augmented reality app that took the world by storm a few years ago created a huge spike, then tapered off.

With Google Trends, you have access to an enormous amount of data at your fingertips. Here are ways to turn the data into insight and dominate your market.

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1. Gauge demand for attractions in your market.

In a webinar we did with Amusement Product's Phil Showler, we talked about the use of Google Trends to validate demand for attractions to add to your facility.

Here is an example of the seasonality of go-karts and ice skating in the US. I f you're thinking about opening a laser tag facility in Salisbury, Maryland, you'll be able to use this data point to make your decision.

Check out the webinar replay here.

2. Identify keywords to fuel your content & SEO strategy.

As consumer behavior and search engines evolve, every marketer must adapt along with them.

Applying outbound marketing tactics to push promotional offers may be working for you, but you have to strike a balance with inbound marketing as well.

Since content creation and SEO go hand-in-hand, if you write and talk about topics that are helpful to people in your market, you'll be rewarded by showing up in more Google search results.

An example of a topic people are interested in any market is things to do. You can try creating a list of top things to do in your market, so you outrank your competition and increase brand awareness.

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3. Identify topics people search for on Youtube.

Speaking of creating content, you can also see what people are searching for on Youtube. This knowledge can guide decisions on what videos to post next.

Creating relevant videos will give your business a competitive edge. You may want to explore YouTube Shorts, Tik Tok, and Instagram Reels as well, and determine what's trending or what people are searching for. There are a lot of different videos you can post, from behind-the-scenes cleaning or recipe-creation videos to staff and guests having fun at your attractions. The possibilities are endless!

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4. Plan your marketing campaigns throughout the year.

A marketing campaign consists of multiple online and offline channels that work together to raise awareness and generate demand for your business. You can use Google Trends to plan the timing of your marketing campaigns every year!

Knowing when people commonly search for birthday party venues near them allows you to create a plan for the year on when to publish blog posts, push Facebook ads, send emails, and maximize your use of other marketing channels. 

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