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Customer Expectations: 5 Ways Your FEC Can Exceed Them

In this article, we share 5 things your FEC can do to exceed customer expectations.

As an owner or operator of a family entertainment center, how would you describe a typical experience at your facility?

Like any business, you have a lot of competitors. So if your answer is anything short of stellar, you have some improvements to make!

Exceeding customer expectations is what a great guest experience is all about.


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Customer Expectations: 5 Ways Your FEC Can Exceed Them

Here are 5 things you can do to start exceeding customer expectations at your family entertainment center.

1. Communicate Your Expectations to Customers

As an FEC, your business has set guidelines and rules that your guests are expected to follow while they’re in your facility.

This is not only for everyone’s safety (especially when it comes to attractions) but also so that every guest can have a positive, memorable experience.

Make sure that you share your rules and guidelines with your customers wherever possible. Guests will want to know if there are certain things they can or can not do or wear before making the trip. Be sure to display these rules and guidelines around all public entrances/exits and break areas of your facility as well.

Most of the time, your website is the first impression customers will have of your family entertainment center, and may even be the deciding factor of whether they choose to visit or not.

What does your homepage look like? Does it look old and out of date? Is it new and easy to navigate? Make sure the user experience on your website is reflective of the experience a customer can expect when they visit your FEC.

2. Use Your Website & Social Media to Answer Customer Questions

It's important to include a FAQ on your website. Here's an example of questions to answer: 

How much are your party packages?
What is included in each package?
How long does a party last?
Do I have to bring in my cake or can I order that from you?
Are you going to clean before our party starts?
Do I have to wear specific attire?

If potential party bookers can’t easily find the answers to their questions, they will likely find another facility website that will.

Utilize both your website and social media platforms to answer the questions you hear most often. Consider creating a Q&A graphic you can share on your social media accounts! Go live on Facebook and create a dedicated Q&A time for your customers. Give them a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how a party will go and just how much fun everyone will have!

3. Assign a Designated Customer Experience Leader for Each Shift

Another great way to exceed customer expectations at your FEC is to designate a specific staff member for each shift who will be in charge of making sure customer expectations are met and will lead the effort in providing an amazing guest experience.

Have them greet your customers as they arrive, point them in the direction they're looking to go, or escort them to their private party room.

Consider providing this staff member with a T-shirt, vest, or name badge that identifies them as someone guests can look to when they have questions or need assistance.

As time goes on, make sure this staff member checks in with as many guests as possible to ensure their needs are being met during their time at your facility. If any issue arises, prioritize remedying the situation right away.

Perfection isn’t always possible, but acting quickly in response to a problem is one way you can exceed customer expectations.

4. Read and Respond to Feedback, Even When It’s Negative

Mistakes happen.

Whether you have the opportunity to address it with the guest in person right when it happens, or if you’re just finding out about it via a negative review on social media, be honest and admit fault when the situation calls for it. Do your best to apologize and make amends.

Don’t try to remove or cover up negative online reviews, either. Exceeding customer expectations isn’t always about getting everything right the first time—it’s also about how you respond to unexpected or less-than-ideal situations!

Many people, especially online, expect businesses to cover up anything that might paint them in a negative light. You’ll exceed customer expectations just by showing your humility and honesty!

Reply to these negative reviews with a message thanking them for their feedback, and communicate to them that the issue will be addressed and improved for next time. If possible, offer them an incentive such as a free admission coupon to make a return visit.

Always have a customer feedback area in your facility where guests can submit words of praise or suggestions. You could also consider sending a survey via email periodically throughout the year.

5. Foster a Customer-Centric Culture at Your FEC

Reading and responding to feedback (especially when it’s negative) will only help you to exceed customer expectations if you use it to improve!

When customers feel like their feedback matters, they feel important and appreciated.

Hold regular staff meetings to discuss customer interactions and the importance of meeting customer needs. Take time during each meeting to talk about what actions can be taken to exceed customer expectations.

Your patrons are what makes your business. If you’re not working to improve the guest experience and exceed their expectations so they become return customers, what are you doing it for?!

Dedicate Yourself to Exceeding Customer Expectations

If you’re looking for more insight on how your FEC can take more of a customer-centric approach, download your complimentary copy of our resource, Serving Customers - Why It Matters & How a Service-First Approach Will Keep Customers Coming Back.

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