4 Party Host Tips for Your Next Event

In this article, we share our top four party host tips that'll guarantee your next event is a success!

In this article, we share our top four party host tips that'll guarantee your next event is a success!

Why? Well, there's more to a great party than just balloons, food, and attractions. 

It all starts with the party host! As the boss, you need to recognize the importance of having at least one party host assigned to each private party held at your facility. Their interactions with the party guests can make or break a party experience.

To obtain great reviews on social media and get repeat party bookers, you need your party host to make a lasting positive impression on your guests.

4 Party Host Tips for Your Next Event

Let's jump in!

1. Stay organized.

One thing parents love about booking an all-inclusive party package (especially online) is that it means the facility will take care of all the “to-dos” for the party.

Most party bookers would rather pay for a higher-priced party package that includes food, goodies, and various add-ons so that their only responsibility is to simply show up!

As the facility owner, you should love that too! These types of events mean more party revenue for your business and it allows your team to take full control of the party experience.

To knock out those “to-do’s” as efficiently as possible, you need to keep your team organized! To make sure this happens for every event, create checklists before the party, during the party, and after the party.

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Assigning a date and time by which each task should be completed on your party checklist will help keep you on track to delivering a successful party.

Another helpful tip for party hosts to stay organized is to wear a watch! It sounds simple, but time flies when guests are having fun and your party hosts are busy making sure customers have everything they need.

Keeping track of the time your party groups are spending at attractions, eating, and opening gifts will not only help to make sure the event doesn’t extend past the allotted time, but recording this information will also help you see if your party package time windows are realistic, or if they feel slightly rushed and need to be updated.

*Note: Mobile devices are great backups for keeping time, but the last thing you want to do is have a party goer see your party host playing on their phone. Party bookers are paying for your full attention to be on them and their guest of honor, don’t give them a reason to believe otherwise. Make sure there are plenty of clocks around the facility, so they can be checked whenever needed!

2. Pay attention to detail.

Attention to detail is a critical part of being a great party host.

When preparing for a party, a good party host will review all of the details of the party order. He or she should make note of any special requests or themes for the party.

For example, if a parent requests an Avengers balloon centerpiece, you may want to have the party host assigned to that party become familiar with Avengers characters if they’re not already. Not only will it help them pick out an awesome balloon for the guest of honor, but it will also help them spark up a conversation with the birthday child! Those connections mean everything!

Another example would be to pay attention to any special notes that may have been communicated in an online party booking reservation. If there are a few guests with an allergy, have your party hosts communicate your allergy policies/procedures with the guests and how your family entertainment center plans on respecting their special requests/needs.

Perhaps the most important time for party hosts to pay attention to detail is during the party. Have your party hosts examine and get a feel for the room. If they see someone not smiling, have them go over and ask the guest if they’re having fun or if they need anything. If they see a mom pacing around, have them ask if she needs assistance finding something or someone.

If a party seems a bit lacking in energy or the birthday child is taking a while to open gifts or eat their cake, kindly keep them on task by inventing a quick game that will help move the party along.

3. Keep a positive attitude.

When it comes to private events, party hosts are the face of your facility. The vibe they give off and how they conduct themselves during an introduction to the birthday child will set the tone for the entire party.

Party hosts should be sure to greet guests with a big smile and enthusiasm. Make sure they introduce themselves to the Guest of Honor and each of the party guests as they enter your party room or facility. Relay the importance of having the parents of the guest of honor know who their assigned party host is so they know who is responsible for taking care of them during their time in the facility.

With young party guests, shyness can sometimes be an issue. Have party hosts kick off the event with an icebreaker game to spark fun and participation.

Remind party guests to give children they see standing alone or not having a good time a little extra special attention. Have them go over and offer to go down the slide with them or bounce in the inflatable bounce house alongside them until their friends join in.

4. Go above & beyond!

Any team member or party host can welcome a family, cut the cake, guide kids on the attractions, and keep the party moving and on schedule. An A+ party host, however, does all the essential party hosting responsibilities but also finds a way to go the extra mile. Little moments of great customer service go a long way!

Going the extra mile can mean or look different to every party host. Maybe it’s serving a corner piece of cake to the guest of honor’s mom because the party host heard her tell her husband how much she loves the bakery’s icing.

Perhaps going above and beyond for guests is loading up the guest of honor’s car with their presents for them. Or in some unfortunate scenarios, maybe an extraordinary party host decides to jump in and participate in the event as if they were a guest for those parties that have only a few attendees.

No matter how your party hosts go above and beyond for your guests, they must find a way to make a lasting positive impact on the guest of honor and their guests.

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