5 Ideas To Increase Party Bookings This Summer

In this article, we share 5 ideas that'll help you increase party bookings this summer.

Summer is a great time to focus on increasing your party bookings.

Kids are out of school until the fall, parents likely have vacation days to use, and everyone is ready to get out of the house to have some fun.

Summertime, however, is commonly known to be a slower season for family entertainment centers. So, as a facility owner or operator, how do you motivate guests to book parties at your FEC this summer?

5 Ideas to Increase Party Bookings This Summer

Following are five ideas to help your indoor play center increase party bookings this summer.

1. Include Party Extras at NO Extra Cost

Spice up your party packages and incentivize your guests to book by adding a party extra at no additional cost to the booker.

Consider offering ice cream cups or freeze pops as a cool summer treat for every party guest. You can either have them enjoy it during the party or distribute them as they exit the facility and walk out into the sunshine.

By choosing to hand out treats as guests exit your facility, you’re not only giving kids a pleasant experience to distract them from having to leave the fun, you’re also extending the customer experience beyond the four walls of your center, making your guests feel like they got more than what they paid for and/or expected.

2. Offer a Weekday Party Discount

For families that operate under a less rigid schedule during the summer, you can increase party bookings by encouraging guests to book weekday parties.

Consider offering discounted party packages for weekday events. With there being no school, you also have the option to open up a few party slots at later times as well!

People are always up for taking advantage of a deal—even the smallest discount can encourage guests to book a party with you. Parents will also appreciate the extended hours for booking. Their kids will tire themselves out from having so much fun at your play center, they'll be ready to crawl into bed once they get home!

3.Host a "Heat Wave" Event

Being outside is great, but when we hit a heatwave, there is nothing better than an air-conditioned space!

Keep an eye on your local weather forecast and get creative by hosting a weather-inspired event.

Are you seeing that a particular week is going to have high temperatures and above normal humidity? Offer a “heatwave” event. You can encourage people to come to your indoor play center, where they can cool off and avoid the heat. Add in an ice-cold juice box or bottle of water for every guest mid-party to sweeten the deal!

And don’t forget, you can even use the weather to your advantage when it’s the opposite of a scorching sunny day. Does the forecast next week show a chance of rain? Create a “Rainy Day" event!

Remind your guests that rain doesn’t cancel the fun at your indoor play center. In fact, you can be there to save the day and provide a wonderful guest experience no matter what the weather has in store.

4. Take Advantage of Your Social Media Footprint

As an owner or operator of a family entertainment center, it’s crucial to use social media to market to and communicate with your guests.

Work to increase party bookings this summer by sharing the perks of having a celebration at an indoor play center on social media.

Connect with your audience via video marketing. Record yourself talking TO your guests and publish the video on Facebook, Instagram, or embed it into your marketing emails!

Have fun with it and get creative. Show potential party bookers that an indoor play center is a better environment for a party - no need to worry about sunburned guests or bugs getting into your party foods.

Especially when celebrating a party with children present, an indoor play center allows parents and chaperones to keep a closer eye on them! Not to mention, a private party room with air conditioning to keep guests comfortable makes for a great celebration day. It’s the perfect way to cool off party guests that are taking a break from running around and having fun!

5. Host an End-of-Summer Reunion

Summer is a wonderful time to spend extra special moments with family, but a lot of school-aged kids start to miss their friends over the summer months!

Throw an end-of-summer reunion party or event for a group of classmates to get them geared up and excited to return to school. This is especially helpful if your guests’ children will be joining a new class with children they don’t know yet.

Use decorations in your supply room from leftover private parties to decorate the party room in their school colors. You could also sell school supply goody bags with pencils and crayons for each guest in your online store. This type of party is a perfect way to end the summer.

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Whether you're experiencing a slow summer season or are facing capacity restrictions, there are still a number of creative ways you can continue to provide a fantastic experience for your guests and boost revenue at your FEC.

In this guide, we share four ideas for outdoor attractions that your family entertainment center should consider setting up this summer.

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