4 Holiday Planning Ideas for Your FEC

4 Holiday Planning Ideas for Your FEC

Eileen Hawkins
Sep 2, 2021 6:15 AM

We know that our readers are on top of their game, so you've likely implemented many of our holiday planning ideas already and are ready for busy season.

But in case you’re looking for more (or, for some inspiration) you've come to the right place!

With the approach of fall, comes the beginning of the holiday season as well. Although we’re used to seeing many families at our facilities during this time of year, we all know that 2021’s holiday season will look much different. 

So, how can we still engage our customers and finish the year off strong? 

First, we have to understand that there is a lot of potential for success this holiday season so long as we stay positive and think creatively. For instance, you can use capacity restrictions to go above and beyond the norm for smaller, more private parties.

Remember, every obstacle is an opportunity!

4 Holiday Planning Ideas for Your FEC

Here are 4 easy holiday planning ideas that’ll help you increase your business during this busy season and create lasting memories for your customers.

Before we get started, we invite you to watch our on-demand webinar, FEC Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season. It includes many more wonderful holiday planning ideas that you can use at your family entertainment center.

1. Decorate for the Holidays

This might sound obvious, but it’s a crucial part of holiday planning! Visitors love to see the holiday spirit on display throughout your facility. 

Create some seasonal festivities. Remember, decorations don’t have to break the bank, they just have to be fun! Consider hanging banners and streamers with seasonal colors to create that special atmosphere, or start prepping for Halloween decorations. Take photos with your employees and post them on social media to create a buzz.  Encourage customers to take a photo and tag your company.

It's all about using decorations to create a fun experience for your customers.

2. Create Great Holiday Promotional Campaigns

‘Tis the season of giving! And one of the best ways to give back is by creating a customer appreciation campaign. This can be done in-person, virtually, or both.

A great way to do this is by setting up a “customer appreciation” table in your facility with all of your holiday party information available and a sign-up form that encourages customers to participate in your holiday giveaway. Do giveaways bi-weekly or weekly for the next few months. Some giveaway items might include a gift certificate, a kid’s birthday party for 10, or a season pass.

Use social media to offer a discount exclusive to your followers, or promote your giveaway online and highlight the winners on your page. However you choose to do your giveaway, this campaign is a great way to show your appreciation and important to include into your holiday planning ideas in your company PlayBook

There are multiple ways to give back and promote your facility this holiday season. Don't forget to also use your online store to increase revenue!

Online Booking: Using Discounts

Our software includes options to use discount or promotional codes. Click here to learn more about this feature.

3. Train Your Team for the Holidays

Building a great team contributes to your FEC’s success. Make sure that you include all of your team and that everyone is fully on board with your holiday planning ideas.

You can host a holiday party with your staff that includes decorating your facility and tasting the new items on your menu. This is a great opportunity to discuss the new offers and get the staff involved.

Be sure to also reward creative ideas from your employees and acknowledge them when they do an amazing job. 

4. Ease the Holiday Stress

Smile and acknowledge all of your customers as they walk through the door. Make it easy for them to achieve what they need to do, such as buying gift cards, booking a party, and creating fun memories with their families. 

You might also want to give back to your local community of small businesses. We’ve all had a hard year, so why not ease the holiday stress by letting local vendors set up a table in your facility to promote their products and do giveaways.

Remember - if you take the time to “wow” your customers, you’ll create an amazing experience for everyone—your guests, your employees, and everyone in between!

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