8 Ways FECs Can Increase Engagement on Facebook

Creating engagement on Facebook is all relationship building. Read this post to learn more!

Creating engagement on Facebook is all relationship building.

It might seem formulaic at first, but building relationships with users and page visitors will help you convert them into customers!

8 Ways FECs Can Increase Engagement on Facebook

In this article, I'll highlight a few ways you can create and increase engagement on Facebook.

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1. Build a Process

Building a process is critical. A process will allow you to stay on track and reach your marketing goals. 

And speaking of goals, before you start building your process, set goals for yourself or the team member responsible for increasing engagement on Facebook.

Goal Examples:

  • # of customers to follow each day/week
  • # of other small businesses to follow each day/week
  • # of groups to join each week
  • # of likes to make each day/week
  • # of comments to make each day/week
  • # of follows received
  • # of like received

Setting goals like those above will help you to create a repeatable process each day of the week. As you get into a routine, it’ll become easier and easier. Keep a close eye on your insights daily to take note of what’s working and what’s not. 

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2. Discover Who to Follow & Where to Find Them

You might be wondering who to follow and how you’ll find them. Fortunately, you have some great places to start already.

Use Your Customer Database

The first place to look is in your customer database. A simple customer export into Excel will give your marketing lead everything they need to start searching.

If applicable or required, include language on how your customer’s data will be used in your digital waivers so you don’t run into any issues later. 

Join Facebook Groups

Connect with potential customers by joining community groups on Facebook. Become a helpful resource and thought leader in these groups, not just another vendor.

Over time, group members will trust you and want to come to your facility.

For example, if you're a FEC, join any local “mom” group or homeschool group on Facebook. Group members might want more information on where to host their next homeschool gathering!

3. Follow, Like, Comment, & Share

Following accounts, liking posts, commenting, and sharing posts are all going to be part of your growth strategy.

A note on following versus friending: as a Business Page, you can’t friend but only follow other public-facing accounts. 

However, you may want to create a personal/professional Facebook account to friend potential customers or leads, engage with their posts, and invite them to like your page.

Who to Follow

As mentioned above, there are many strategies to find followers. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Follow anyone that follows you (within reason)
  • Follow other businesses in your area
    • Navigate to their Facebook page, then click on the three-dotted icon under the page’s cover photo. Click “Like as Your Page.”
    • Follow mom bloggers, schools, camps, and homeschool moms and groups with public-facing accounts

When to Like

Liking posts is an important part of active engagement on Facebook. 

If you choose to follow or like another page or public figure as your Business Page, you will notice that Facebook will create a separate News Feed for your business page based on who you liked or followed. You can access this News Feed by navigating to the left-hand sidebar on your page. Then, click on News Feed and be sure to like and comment under any recent posts!

For users like customers and potential leads, this might be a little tricky as a business page, but be sure to connect with anyone who commented under one of your posts or tagged your facility in a photo or post by commenting or liking their reply back. This will show that you’re dedicated to them and care about their experience at your facility.

Again, you may also want to create a personal/professional Facebook account to connect with potential customers or leads!

Add it into your process to spend some time on Facebook each day. Be sure to like, comment, and build relationships because, over time, consistency will lead to more conversions.

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When to Comment

Commenting on posts is arguably more critical than liking. It shows the page or user you’re following (as well as the Facebook algorithm), that you’re not just a bot account. You’re actively engaging with the other user and enjoy their content.

Be sure to comment frequently!

When to Share

Sharing posts is another opportunity for increasing engagement on Facebook. You should automatically share any posts or Stories that were taken inside or in front of your facility. 

You might also consider sharing inspirational content or stories, food-related content, attraction-related content, or something else that your audience might find appealing. Just be sure it fits with your messaging and brand. 

4. Incentivize Your Customers to Post & Tag You

Be sure to promote your Facebook page throughout your facility by adding signage that has your handle. Stick it on your front door, all over your facility, even in the bathroom!

You might consider giving a small sticker with your Facebook handle or a QR code on it that leads to your Facebook Page to guests just to make sure they really get it.

And, nothing motivates your customers more like a good incentive. Consider hosting social media giveaways or contests to boost engagement.

For example, if you’re a bowling alley, you might consider hosting a contest where guests are challenged to make a strike on video. This is a good way to get customers to engage with your Facebook profile, tag you, and give you the opportunity to engage in return.

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5. Managing Your Unified Inbox

Your inbox is a huge opportunity to create a positive experience for your guests. Potential guests might reach out to you with questions, or they might have suggestions. 

Whatever the messages are, monitor them. Delete any spam, and create a process for how to handle requests made via Facebook and Instagram with your team. 

6. Post More Videos or Broadcast Live

Pictures are great, but videos are even better in terms of boosting engagement on Facebook.

And to add to that, Live videos see even more engagement than regular videos!

Consider adding a mix of all visual mediums to your content plan. You may post videos of your facility, or go Live to answer any customer questions. 

Are you a video-making novice or never touched a camera in your life? Well, I have good news for you. Check out our video on How to Shoot a Video of Your FEC Using Your Phone!

7. Look at Your Insights

If you find that you’ve hit a wall, take a look at your insights. 

Who are your customers? What are your top-performing posts and why do you think they’re great? Are you addressing your customer's needs and wants?

Facebook Insights will help you identify what specific areas you should work on to boost engagement. 

A Note on Buying Likes & Followers

Considering purchasing likes and followers? I understand the temptation. And while it seems intriguing, purchasing likes and followers might show an initial boost in engagement, but it is likely not the type of engagement that you’re looking for. 

The likes and followers that you’ll receive from sites like these are from folks all over the world. If you’re a single-location facility or have a small footprint, these followers will likely not turn into visitors for your business.

Save what you’d spend on purchasing followers and use it to create ads for a custom audience instead.

8. Boost Posts & Set-Up Ads

Running ads and boosting posts is one way you can also increase engagement. 

Navigate back to your Facebook Business Suite, look at your left-hand sidebar and scroll down to Ads. If you click on this tab, you can quickly boost an already well-performing post to get more traction or set up an ad.

To set up your ad, you must first choose the right objective or goal you’d like to hit. Ask yourself what you want the outcome to be. More likes? More website visits? The key here is to choose one, clear outcome. 

Next, set a demographic, like age, location, behaviors and all other details. Then, choose where you’d like to run your campaign. Facebook Business Suite allows you to choose Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, or all!

Lastly, you’ll want to enter your budget and the period of time you’d like your ad to run. You can also choose an ad format for video, single image, or multi-image.

Once you submit your ad, it’ll go to “auction” and get pushed to the right demographic. You can then track the ad’s performance or edit the campaign to make any adjustments in Ads Manager.

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