How to Plan & Build an Effective F2F Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create an effective plan, build a street team, and attract more customers to your facility by showcasing your uniqueness and creativity!

Do you know how to plan and build an effective Face-to-Face Marketing strategy?

Think of marketing your business at street festivals, industry events or trade shows, school fairs, and other similar events -- but taking it to the next level by hosting a game in your booth.

It’s all about creating a fun, unforgettable experience and encouraging participants to visit your FEC! 

How to Plan & Build an Effective F2F Marketing Strategy

Let’s take it step-by-step.

1. Build a Street Team

First, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right team members on board to represent your facility. You’ll want team members that are most willing and excited to engage with customers at street fairs and other events.

Next, you may want to offer an incentive. Our incredible Customer Success Manager, Eileen, ran two facilities before working at Party Center Software. Her incentive was to run a contest for her staff! Each team member received a player's card with their name on it and were incentivized to give out as many as they could to potential customers.

Lastly, make sure that your team is well-coached. Train your team such as making sure they’re well-versed on your party packages, attractions, and other offerings, as well as your mission, vision, values.

Remember, it’s important to believe in your staff and not micro-manage them. Offer advice, coach well, let your staff shine and do what they do best: engage customers!

2. Find Events

Once you’ve organized your street team, it’s time to put some events on the calendar.

First, identify your local Chamber of Commerce if you haven’t already. A Chamber of Commerce is an organization of local business owners who help each other market their products and services, discover and use various resources, and more.

Usually, this organization participates in or hosts local fairs that you could be a part of. Renting a table or tent is not very expensive and can offer you the opportunity to advertise your facility.

Another idea is to take a look at your local schools or organizations like the YMCA. Perhaps they’re hosting field days, summer camp fairs, and other similar events. If you can’t rent a table, you can always send out one or two team members to attend and hand out discount codes, player cards, etc

3. Get Creative: Plan Your Set-Up, Swag, & Promo Materials

The most important thing to remember is to be unique.

Eileen had a team member walk through the local street fair with an umbrella that had a sign saying, “Let us be your rain check!” She also gave out cards that said, “Don’t let your field trip get rained on! Come by our facility instead.”

The point is, think outside of the box. Take a look at the space or table you have available and consider how to decorate on-theme. Games are an easy add, you can buy a prize wheel and outdoor games on Amazon with 2-day shipping!

A simple way to have your street team promote your facility “on the go” is to print out facility-branded shirts for them to wear. Our friend from United Play, Bob Kraus, runs a few facilities and has staff wearing shirts that say, “Wearing Kids Out Since 2008”! This is a great example of how to grab customer attention.

In terms of swag, think about everyday things that people use like hand sanitizers or chapsticks. Or, think outside of the box.

When hosting a grand opening of her facility, Eileen mailed little bottles with sand and a special invitation in them to everyone in the local area. You can also choose to give out players cards as mentioned previously or the most popular items available in your redemption center!

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4. Debrief

After the event is over, be sure to debrief with your team.

Ask your team how the event went, what you should improve, and get a rough estimate of how many players cards were given out.

Then, go back to the drawing board. Or, document your set-up, plan, and any other specific information in your Playbook!

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If your team met any current customers at the event you participated in, consider reaching out to said customers and asking them what they thought of your table. Customers are your best source of feedback.

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