The 4 Key Elements of a Successful F2F Marketing Campaign

In this article, we share the 4 key elements of a successful F2F marketing campaign that'll amplify your brand and attract more customers to your facility!

Do you know how to create a successful Face-to-Face Marketing campaign?

Showing customers empathy or personalizing your messaging to address their needs are key to attracting new customers. 

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The 4 Key Elements of a Successful F2F Marketing Campaign

Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Respond to Emotion

Feelings are a powerful thing.

According to Smith, we experience roughly eight different emotions during the shopping experience, from needing validation to decision anxiety (needing validation being the most popular emotion felt.) 

When interacting with your potential customers face-to-face, validate their feelings by speaking to your experience as a facility owner.

Emphasize that you care about customers above all else, train your team to provide exceptional service, and provide examples or anecdotes of successful parties and events that you’ve hosted.

When creating marketing materials, include pictures of smiling faces and satisfied customers. We all love reviews as they guide our purchasing decisions, so be sure to display any customer testimonials too!

If your “street team” is attending the event instead of you, coach them on how to speak to all of the above. If they’re a party host, have them speak to their experience as well!

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2. Build Relationships

The truth is, people don't like being sold to. Building a relationship with your customer is more important

In a face-to-face situation, first get to know the person, ask open-ended questions to understand what they’re looking for, and have a conversation about great parties, what makes a great party, etc.

Then, gently fold your facility into the mix. Offer a discount or coupon, explain your party package options, and reassure the potential customer that you can deliver a one-of-a-kind experience!

3. Create a Strong Brand Identity

Branding” is not just about company colors and logos. It’s about conveying trust and solidifying your legitimacy as the best FEC on the planet!

Make sure that your street team is well-versed in your mission, vision, and values. You want your team to represent your business in the best way possible, answer any questions, and show the world that you’re all about fun!

Customers will be more likely to return to your facility if you provide them with an exceptional guest experience!

4. Integrate Your F2F Marketing Plan With Other Marketing Channels

The best way to grow your marketing efforts is by integrating all of your marketing channels. In other words, if something happens in one place, it should be re-used (or in this case, re-posted) in another.

If you have a table at a local fair, for example, be sure to have some signage with your social handles and create a “selfie” experience by adding a selfie cut-out, fun selfie props, or other photo booth props!

If you post these fun pictures on social media, (or, encourage customers to post, tag, and follow you) each event you attend will get pushed to even more people.

These actions will further amplify your brand and attract more customers to your facility.

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