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3 Business Pivot Ideas for Your Family Entertainment Center

Are you looking for creative business pivot ideas for your family entertainment center? Read on for more!

Are you looking for creative business pivot ideas for your family entertainment center? 

Whether you're dealing with a technical emergency due to a power outage that lasts for a few hours, or government-mandated restrictions on capacity limits that last a few seasons, disruptions happen. Your facility should be prepared to handle short-term emergencies, as well as have a long-term business pivot plan in place for any and every scenario.

In this article, we share 3 business pivot ideas you can implement at your family entertainment center to ensure that even in the toughest times, you'll have an additional revenue stream.

3 Business Pivot Ideas for Your Family Entertainment Center

From your website and party booking software to your online store and the handful of social media platforms you’re active on, there are countless ways to use today’s technology to pivot your business.

Let's jump in.

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1. Host Virtual Events

If your guests can’t physically be present in your facility, “bring” your facility to them!

Whether you sign up for an online video chat platform or use the Live and video recording features social media platforms such as Facebook offer, you can “open the doors” of your facility to your customers from the comfort of wherever they are―talk about an amazing guest experience!

Virtual Facility Tours: If options for hosting private parties are currently limited―stay positive ―restrictions won’t last forever! Periodically give tours of your space, making sure to showcase your private party areas and share them with your online audience.

It’s a great idea to pre-record the facility tour so you can share it whenever or wherever you like. However, consider recording an FEC tour video “live” on Facebook or Instagram! This way guests who are interested in booking an in-person event with you in the future can ask questions and receive answers to them in real-time.

Virtual Classes: Classes for children and families through virtual platforms (such as pizza-making classes or craft activities) are a great way to keep your current/regular patrons engaged and interacting with your business when you can’t conduct business as you normally would.

Depending on your cash flow status, you may choose to make the classes private and charge for participation or provide participants with the materials needed for the class at a cost. Another option is to host public classes for free and set up an avenue for participants to donate! Oftentimes the shock and appreciation from your audience in reaction to free offerings during a tough economic time―especially for small businesses―will compel them to donate/pay more than they originally would if the classes had been offered at a set price.

Virtual Birthday Parties: If you experience a time where in-person events at your family entertainment center are canceled, it doesn’t mean that BIRTHDAYS are canceled! There are a multitude of virtual birthday party ideas your FEC can make a reality.

Use your online party booking software to communicate date and time availability for guests to reserve a virtual birthday party slot. Having a pirate-themed virtual birthday with a scavenger hunt around the house or a video call where the guest of honor and his/her friends have a “make your own pizza party” are just a couple of virtual birthday celebration ideas you can offer to continue bringing in party revenue. 

2. Set Up an Online Store

Does your facility management software offer an online store? If so, are you using it to its fullest potential? If your family entertainment center isn’t able to operate as usual, your business pivot plan needs to include more opportunities for upselling and increasing party revenue.

Your online store should be a focal point during this time, as it allows you to not only offer products/services as add-on selections to increase the revenue received from your online party bookings, it also provides the opportunity for you to sell items separate from a party package, helping your business cater to all needs and budgets.

For example, consider adding a “Birthday in a Box” option in your online store. Fill bags or boxes with everything needed for a birthday party―party hats, streamers, candles, a toy from your redemption center―the choices are endless.

This way, customers can purchase their kit and still have an awesome party at home while you generate revenue for your busines!

3. Focus on Social Media

Following a business pivot plan and shifting how your business operates to adapt to the current market will require a significant amount of effort from your FEC team. Don’t let it be in vain!

All your hard work will be for naught if your audience isn’t aware of it. You want to stay top-of-mind, no matter what operational stage your family entertainment center may be in. Post regularly and work to drive engagement between you and your customers.

Post videos updating your loyal customers on the changes you’re making, what new offerings will be available to them, and when.

Communities champion small businesses. Ask for community support wherever and however is needed!

A great way for your business to engage with its audience is to hold contests on social media. Run a photo contest asking your guests to share a picture of them in their funniest/loudest/wildest (your choice) birthday outfit. Have them use your preferred hashtag. Pick your favorite entry as a winner and offer their family a special discount on a party package or day pass now or for the future.

Social media is also a fantastic avenue for getting feedback from your customers. If you’ve been consistently communicating with your audience, they know you’re doing your best to pivot and keep business alive during a difficult time. Ask them what they think of the changes you’ve made in order to adapt! Get their input on anything they think you can do (within reason) to make your offerings better. 

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As an owner or operator of a family entertainment center, you’re all too familiar with how important it is to adapt and make changes quickly when faced with an obstacle.

That’s why your facility should be prepared to pivot.

If you'd like to learn more about how to pivot your business, be sure to download Constructing a FEC Business Pivot Plan eBook today!

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