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5 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Family Entertainment Center

In this article, we share 5 ways to improve your indoor family entertainment center.

As the owner, operator, or manager of an indoor family entertainment center, you have a very unique superpower: the ability to create an amazing atmosphere and experience for your guests. You get to bring both your dream and your guests' vision of fun to life—what a wonderful job!

All great things take hard work though, right? No matter what level of success your business is at, there's always something you can do to improve.

In this article, I'll share five ways you can improve your indoor family entertainment center and provide an incredible experience for your guests.

5 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Family Entertainment Center

Let's jump in!

1. Give a great first impression.

First impressions count.

If a guest has a bad experience from the start, chances are, the full experience won’t be great for either party involved (for your facility OR your guest.) To avoid this from happening, it’s critical to focus on what your customer experience is like from beginning to end.

To do this properly, it's important to understand that the customer's experience with your business starts long before they walk through your doors.

For many people, their first encounter with your business will start online. Perhaps they'll search, “bowling alley near me,” or “kid's birthday party in Dallas”. Or, maybe they’re on Facebook looking for "trampoline parks nearby". 

People might look at Google Maps, Apple Maps, check out reviews on Google, Yelp,  Facebook, Twitter, or even look for pictures of your indoor family entertainment center on Instagram. Even more directly, they might look at your website. 

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What can you do to ensure your website and social platforms impress your audience enough to visit your facility?

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date.

Is your business currently closed? Do you have limited hours? Whatever your schedule might be, make sure it’s listed and is consistent across your website, social media platforms, and Google listing. There’s nothing worse than a customer showing up to a closed business because their website or Google listing hasn't been updated!

2. Provide a clear picture of your services and pricing.

Customers want to be prepared for their experience and don't enjoy surprises (unless they're good ones!).

Make sure your party packages and offerings (if applicable) are updated and listed clearly. If you're currently offering alternative services because of group limitations, like trampoline jump time for groups of 10 at a flat fee, sell the value you're providing by listing what the per-person price comes out to. (Example: 1 hour of jump time for 10 = $50, only $5 per person!)

Remember, you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression. Thinking through all possible scenarios will help ensure you’ve covered all bases.

2. Prioritize cleanliness and safety.

As you work hard to improve your indoor family entertainment center, it's important to remember that cleanliness is key to a successful business.

It’s not just about the act of cleaning, either. It’s also about letting your guests know that you care about their safety. 

Make sure your cleaning log sheets and sanitation rules are posted throughout your facility for your guests to see. It might also be a good idea to have your guidelines pinned to your Facebook page, listed on your website, and posted on your front door.

For additional resources on cleanliness, safety, and sanitizing, download the resources below:

3. Choose the right technology for your facility.

Technology is ever-changing: how does your indoor family entertainment center stack up?

It can certainly be difficult (and expensive) when devices, tools, and systems are constantly evolving. It’s important to analyze which tools and systems are most important and how the potential loss of that solution might impact your business.

Similarly, what systems or software are you missing? What improvements do you need to make? Do you currently have upgrades like a contact-less payment in place? Are your potential customers able to book parties easily on your website? Does your staff have the resources to manage your FEC while you’re away? Is your website up-to-date and visually appealing?

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Now is the perfect time to assess your current systems. Take a look at your emergency plans related to technology. Do you have a plan in place for internet or power outages? Being prepared should these kinds of issues arise is a great way to stand out among your competitors, who may not have thought of what to do during technical difficulties.

4. Hire the right people.

Do you have the right people on your team?

Improving your indoor family entertainment center means taking a look at your team, hiring process, and training procedures to ensure you're offering the best possible service to your community.

TrainerTainment is an expert in FEC hiring and has been helping business owners improve their hiring efforts. Beth Standlee of TrainerTainment shared some fantastic insights on how to grow business in this on-demand webinar she did with us! Be sure to check it out.

For additional insights on hiring and nurturing staff, be sure to check out these resources:

Maintaining a kind, enthusiastic, well-trained and helpful staff is something that should always remain a high priority if you own or manage a family entertainment center—believe me, your customers will thank you!

5. Keep a positive mindset.

What you think holds power. Likely more power than anything else! The same goes for your staff members—what they believe and think dictates what they do and how they act.

As you work to improve your indoor family entertainment center, it’s important not to forget that the mindset you hold will set you up for success or failure. Are you constantly focused on problems, failures, and limitations? If so, you’re going to find it difficult to achieve success in your business.

Instead, focus on lessons learned from previous mistakes and positive change!

What we think matters. As you grow your business, fill your mind with positive thoughts and goals to help you get where you want to be. Check out our Uplift series on YouTube if you need an extra boost of motivation. 


You may also want to select an accountability partner or a business coach and stay in touch on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Having another person "in your corner" to talk through struggles, trials, and hardships is important—as is having them there to celebrate each other's wins and victories!

Complimentary eBook: Overcoming Adversity & Negative Self-Talk

Don’t have an accountability partner to turn to? Join our Facebook Community Group! There are hundreds of others just like you who come to the page for support and to give and receive advice.

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